Monday, February 2, 2009

Living La Vida Cocoa

The Good Life, The Sweet Smell Of Chocolate
(guilt free indulgences)

Aquolina started with Pink Sugar, a wonderfully sinful vanilla perfume. I had my doubts when they came out with Chocolovers. Well I couldn't have been more wrong. This is subtle and sexy, hints of chocolate, patchouli, orange and vanilla.

By Demeter A whole line of home, bath and body fragrances inspired by fabulous candy scents!! And the prices are just great. There's all kinds of specials on the site.

The Merry Chocoholic facial products, home products, she is a chocoholics heaven!! Don't forget her to check out all her categories, this store has it all...

Chocolate Mint Soap, Chocolate Cupcake Soap, Bonbons and Pudding, Oh My!! Feto Soap is good clean fun!! Trust me, these definitely look good enough to eat!

What can you say about a company that calls themselves Hard Candy ? You know you just look delicious wearing makeup by made by them!! This stuff is great, and the selection is wonderful.

You know that commercial where the woman pretends she has been baking all day? Well, here's your chance to make the house reflect your personality!! Southerner Candles has some of the best scents I have seen anywhere, & their packaging is fabulous!

From Pajama Gram... Just in time for Valentines day!

The Kama Sutra Chocolate Lovers Paintbox From Brides Village. Valentine, Anytime?

A solar powered calculator that looks like a bar of chocolate, smells like a bar of chocolate! Sort of makes balancing the checkbook less tiresome... From The Happy Woman

And finally

After all this reading, and all the shopping...what better way to soothe away the stress than a Chocolate Spa Neck Pillow? The warm moist heat feels amazing, the subtle fragrance is relaxing, and you feel like you've just indulged without even feeling guilty!!

Happy Shopping, and of Course, Happy Valentines day!!

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